Nextcloud Web Interface is broken with version 28

With the update to Nextcloud 28, my web interface no longer works, but the apps still sync.

How can I retrieve the log files from dietpi nextCloud, Unfortunately the standard paths don’t work.

did you already checked all services running?

dietpi-services status

I just checked and everything is active there.

stupid question, did you already tried to reboot.

Yes, I have already rebooted and attempted repairs.

Where can I find the next cloud log files? The path is not the same as from a standard installation.

Logs are inside your nextcloud folder, usually at /mnt/dietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data/

Otherwise you can check the path with

cat /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php | grep logfile_audit
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there are quite some typos. it’s nextcloud.log and not nextclod.log (missing u). As well in the 2nd command you mixed comma and dot. (Corrected on the command above)

Have a look to your directory

ls -la /mnt/dietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data/

Log is to long to post.
Log.txt (837.7 KB)

Hello @Heisenberg

It wouldn’t be bad if you showed us the config.php, you can edit confidential lines like salt etc. with e.g. xxxxxxxx
The file is located in the /nextcloud/config folder.

Stupid question: have you tried another browser or cleared the browser’s cache?
In Chrome ctrl+shift+r
or ctrl+F5

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I had just a quick look into the log, but one interesting line was Undefined array key 0 at /var/owncloud/nextcloud-install/apps/files/lib/Controller/ViewController.php#240 which also got already reported on github today. Seems like a bug introduced in 28.0.1.
Here is the github issue:

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Fix is already issued and comes with the next Nextcloud release: