Nextcloud update to newer versions in general

Is my assumption correct, that dietpi normally updates all programs - in this case nextcloud - automatically? If this is true, why do I see the update not in nextcloud itself?
Furthermore, dietpi prompts me with “ncc upgrade” => “the version is already the latest available”. But this is not confirmed, if I check this with the nextcloud statement itself. Nextcloud still announces that my current version is 24.02 and there is a newer version 24.03.
The next problem is, when I update from the nextcloud program, the update failes and destroys the complete nextcloud installation at dietpi. This happened already two times. So, I was stopping to update from nextcloud program and wait for a solution within dietpi. Thanks for any hints and advices.

Welcome to our community.

Your assumption is incorrect. DietPi will not update all software packages automatically. Only apt managed packages are updated, which Nextcloud is not part of.

You would need to update Nextcloud manually. Official ways are described on our online docs Cloud and Backup Systems Software Options - Docs

Thank you very much for your fast answer! It helps a lot further.