Nextcloud TALK Turn server over WWW

Hi, happy New Year, hope it will be better to all of you.

Problem: Cant have video and voice over WWW to my local nextcloud talk server on my DietPi.
(I CAN CHAT AND CALL over WWW, but just CANT see and hear each other)
I can open port and reach over WWW my dietpi for SSH. (proof in picture) so my portforwarding capabilities are ok.
I have set up NO-IP on DietPi.
I can reach over WWW web login for nextcloud.

In Nextcloud for Talk setting, TURN server is giving me error (see in picture).
I even reinstall talk for nextcloud and set another port which I then forward in router, but no changes.

Any help or additional question I be happy to answer.
Just need this for family gatherings, cause VIBER WHATSUP etc. is useless in group callings (cant hear a thing).



you can check LISTEN ports to see if all port are running as expected

ss -tulpn | grep LISTEN

milion times thank you.

In the list for the turnserver there was also some port that is +1 then the one I gave to talk, so I have to forward that port too, and its working now over the WWW.

in my pictures its port 3587, and in the list(from your command) it also shows 3588, so I had to open two ports 3587 and 3588.