Nextcloud - Sharebymail Error

Hi everyone,
yesterday i’ve created a nextcloud server with raspberrypi4 and dietpi.
I have a noip config to reaching my raspberry outside the LAN and a lets’encrypt certificate.
Everything work perfectly except when i try to share a file by mail.
I have successfully configured the SMTP server. I also received the test email.
However, when I try to share a file by entering the e-mail address, it often doesn’t even find the address and other times it returns this error: “Error creating share”.
I checked the nextcloud log and the error it returns is the following:
[sharebymail] Error: Swift_TransportException: Expected response code 250 but got code “550”, with message "550 Request failed; Mailbox unavailable.
I tried to look for solutions on the nextcloud forum but without success.
Thanks in advance everyone for the help.

error.txt (3.51 KB)


many thanks for your message. I used Google to search your issue and it seems related to the mail address as you are getting a Mailbox unavailable message.

As well I found something on Nextcloud board.

Unforgettably no real solution, except trying different mail addresses until it start working.

Hello and thank you very much for your reply.
After reading the documentation contained in the link you sent me I simply tried to change my email provider and everything worked without problems. I had previously set up a yahoo SMTP and despite sending the welcome email, it was impossible to share files via email. But now everything works correctly.

ok perfect, thx for sharing your final solution