Nextcloud Safety & setup warnings

Nextcloud 27.1.5 is running on an RPi 3 B+ with DietPi v8.25.1.

A security & setup warning is issued.
The content is as follows and is, sorry, translated from German into English with DeepL:

`There are some warnings in your system configuration.

Your web server is not properly set up to resolve "/nextcloud/ocm-provider/". This is most likely related to a web server configuration that has not been updated to serve this folder directly. Please compare your configuration with the provided rewrite rules in ".htaccess" for Apache or those provided in the Nginx documentation on its documentation page . On Nginx, these are typically the lines that start with "location ~" and require an update.`

I claim to use neither Apache nor Nginx, but Lighttpd, so I can’t find a solution so far.
Even regarding Apache and Nginx, there were many different solutions on the net with apparently more or less success.
I’m not 100% sure anymore, but I also claim to have installed Nextcloud via DietPi software.

Does anyone have any tips for solving the problem, or is this negligible.

Using the forum search should bring up the following Nextcloud ocm-provider resolve error

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I swear I used the search, but I guess “Nextcloud” wasn’t enough to find the right thread. :pray:

So I’ll have to keep working on myself… :laughing:

That was/is the secret to find the right topic :wink:

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