Nextcloud Login failed on RockPro64

Hey guys, sorry to bother but I am on a dead end right now. Spent a couple of hours searching an answer without luck.

So I am on the actual DietPi release on the RockPro64 and try to install Nextcloud from the optimized software installation tool.

The DietPi Os is a fresh install. User Login credentials are unchanged and set to root / dietpi.

The Nextcloud installation runs through without issues, and it is accessible with “ipAdress/nextcloud”

There is the login prompt but the login credentials are not working.

On the first try i changed the passwords on the RockPro and thought something went wrong without my notice. And than did a fresh install and changed nothing.

Am I missing something? What I can see is, that mariadb is installed but it seems that the user is maybe not added?

yeah… thats weird. For some reason its working now on my phone with chrome and Firefox on PC.

But its not working with Chrome on the PC. Will clear the cache an do a reboot…