Nextcloud issues yet again.....

Nextcloud 64bit on pi 4 8gb version.

Was running great. Deleted cache from phone app as it was monstrous. After that and a restart, I am unable to download some larger video files nor am I able to stream them anymore. These are quicktime files from my iphone.

Php in settings—>system states memory limit 512MB and upload max size is same.

I just did a TON of video editing and saving it to Nextcloud and I’d be happy just getting my data off my external drive but that now is unreadable by my windows pc and only readable on linux.

I think a paid service is in order if I end up losing all of the work I just did.

Is the memory limit the issue? How do I change that? Is it something else?


What do you mean your data are unreadable by Windows? Did you connect the HDD directly? If yes, that might be correct as your disk is probably ext4 format. But this is a limitation if Windows not being able to read ext4. You could setup a SAMBA share to get access from Windows.

I am trying that now. Seems there is some corruption. I’m going to have to move away from Nextcloud as the data is way too important to be doing this once a year.

Where do you see that you have data corruption? How is the HDD powered? Does it has an own PSU?

I’m not sure what it is really. I installed webmin for the file browser to download as Samba, ftp and downloads via nextcloud all fail to download certain files.

Using webmin I am able to download the files that fail via other methods.

any kernel error messages?

dmesg -l err,crit,alert,emerg