Nextcloud installation reports problems


Nextcloud is installed on my RPi3 B using DietPi and works perfectly.

Now I’ve noticed that there are 2 messages about problems that I can’t solve without help.
Below is the text: - Sorry, it’s a translation from German.

There are some warnings in your system configuration.

1.) You are currently using PHP 7.4.33. We recommend upgrading your PHP version to take advantage of the speed and security updates provided by the PHP group↗ once your distribution supports them.

2.) The PHP OPcache module is not configured correctly. See the documentation :arrow_upper_right: for more information.
The OPcache internal string cache is almost full. To ensure that repeated strings can be cached effectively, it is recommended to apply opcache.interned_strings_buffer with a value greater than 8 in your PHP configuration.

How can I fix these problems?

Best regards

for your first question, you will find answer there PHP v7.4 vs v8.x

PHP8 is not available on Debian Bullseye ootb. It would need to be added by a 3rd party repository on Bullseye. Next Debian version Bookworm will support PHP8.2. However, it will not be released before late summer 2023. Best is to wait and to stay on Bullseye / PHP7.4 for moment.

BTW: NC 25 even did not support PHP 8.2 atm :wink:

Then I will wait…

Sorry, but I just checked again and now the 2nd message is gone.
Ok, false alarm, maybe a reboot solved the problem. I’ll check that again soon.