Nextcloud - File loctions


I just installed Netxcloud plus the Addon “Notes”. Where can i find the files created here?

Links says i.e. “http://(IP-adress)/nextcloud/index.php/apps/notes/note/128”, but I can´t
file this file in “/var/www/nextcloud/apps/notes#”.



many thanks for your request. Notes are located on following file system location, if you login as admin user on Nextcloud. If you created notes as different user, you would need to go into the respective directory .


Thanks Joulinar, that worked fine. I was able to back the files up. :slight_smile:

Then I wanted to use some them in another installation and copied them on another Pi in the same path.
But they dont’t appear the in Nextloud, even after a reboot. Do I have to set special rights on the files?

well it’s not gonna work that way. Nextcloud is storing information about location of files within a database. Means without these information the new Nextcloud installation will not recognise the files. So you would need to transfert the database information as well.