Nextcloud - data location / Userdata

Hello everyone,

Just needed some help in figuring out the problem with my NEXTCLOUD storage location.

I have done a fresh install of Dietpi on my XU4 and currently booting from my eMMC and have also added an SD card on my XU4. Before I installed Nextcloud, I had moved user_data to my SD card as it has more space in it 64GB. but, after the nextcloud was installed, I can see that somehow the Nextcloud storage space is only limited to my eMMC storage that is 16GB.

How can I fix this and move all my nextcloud data storage to my SD card and have a capacity of 64GB for my nextcloud.

Please help and advice.

Thank you

How did you move your dietpi_userdata? Via dietpi-drive_manager?

Please verify that it is indeed linked to the SDcard: ls -Al /mnt/

Nextcloud by default places it’s userdata into /mnt/dietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data, so if the above shows that dietpi_userdata is indeed linked to the SDcard, everything should be fine.
Did you verify that the SDcard indeed has it’s full size allocated? df

Btw. it is possible to have Nextcloud data installed to an individual location independently from dietpi_userdata. Check /boot/dietpi.txt the software sections in second half, there you can change it. But it needs to be done prior to the Nextcloud install.

And just for completeness, if you have already setup you Nextcloud too far, there is a possibility to move data post-install as well:

Hello MichaIng

Thanks for reviewing my post and replying.
I had used “dietpi-drive_manager” to move my user data to this location. Rechecked thriugh drive manager and user data check boxed is crossed on my SD CARD
Checked with “ls -Al /mnt/” and it shows that dietpi_userdata has been moved to my SDCARD
Also, full size has been allocated, checked with df

So, as you said, it seems that NEXTCLOUD independently has located itself onto /mnt/dietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data , I checked in /DietPi/dietpi.txt

So, if I change that location to the SDCARD location /media/root/boot/dietpi_userdata and reinstall NEXTCLOUD again then this should fix the problem?

Kindly advise and thanks for helping.

Okay, so as /mnt/dietpi_userdata is correctly linked to the SDcard, /mnt/dietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data is as well. No need to move anything.

So the question is why Nextcloud shows wrong storage size. Where exactly do you see this? In the user overview, if I don’t limit anyone’s quota, I just see “unlimited”.


I see the storage data when I log into my nextcloud account through the APPLE iOS app, it give mes limit size as 11gb that is the partition size of my eMMC. So I belive for some reason nextcloud storage is in eMMC. I did the /DietPi/dietpi.txt check I got the attached info, it shows that the nextcloud location to be in my eMMC. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So, should I uninstall and change the /DietPi/dietpi.txt file and then reinstall nextcloud?

Kindly advise. Thanks

As said, according to you mount, the Nextcloud data dir correctly located on the SDcard.

To check this very clearly, you can use the following command to e.g. check the Nextcloud logs physical drive location:
df /mnt/dietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data/nextcloud.log

I hope Nextcloud log is really there :roll_eyes:, otherwise choose any other file or directory in the nextcloud_data dir.


I have just built a new DietPi Machine. And I am ready to install NextCloud from dietpi-software. But before I do that I want to change the data location for NextCloud. I am looking for /DietPi/dietpi.txt on my new install and I can not find it. What am I doing wrong?



many thanks for your message. Well, the post you are referring to is more than 1,5 years old and thinks have changed in meantime :wink:

All files located in /DietPi/ have been migrated to /boot/. Therefore the file you are looking for is located at /boot/dietpi.txt

Thanks Joulinar

I am still very new at this :slight_smile:

I managed to find and edit /boot/dietpi.txt and now everything is installed as I want it.

And now I want to do some more tweaking. I have a fan attached to my Raspberry Pi 3B+ (DietPi as OS). It is just a fan with two wires. It is NOT a PoE-HAT with a fan. My fan is on the whole time. Will I be able to tweak my Pi so that the fan is not on the whole time?

I have read through this Forum and found that you can edit the /boot/config.txt file, and add the following line dtparam=poe_fan_temp0=55000,poe_fan_temp1=60000 to the file.

I’m not sure this will work as I just have a fan, NOT a PoE-HAT with a fan.

Nope, if the fan is just connected to the board, it will spin whole time until you removed power. To have it controlled, you need additional stuff. There are a couple of guides on the web. Just search for “raspberry fan control”