Nextcloud backup/sync to NAS

I am looking for advise to setup a backup sync of my nextcoud to my NAS with raid.
Nextcloud running on rpi3 by dietpi. Looked for an app but did not find any updated one.
What i would like is to have my NC to be automatically backup/synced to the my NAS.
How can i achieve that?


I guess you would need to create your own script following NextCloud docs

We had quite a long discussion on a similar question in the past

Thank you! I just wanted to double check if any usable app exists.

At least not from DietPi side natively

Can i migrate NC install to a RAID system?

From DietPi point of view it doesn’t matter. It just need to be a file system locally accessible.

How do i do that?

So i am thinking about the following setup and please share you thoughts about it.
Have a nextcloud running on raid 1 setup system of dietpi. Then have a cron script that runs periodically and back up the NC install on NAS.
Also i have read about ncp-config, but i do not know how to access it.
thank you

one more question: is there any advantage/disadvantage of having the NC on system SD card where dietpi is installed, or better to migrate it “out of” the SD card?

usually people have NC data located outside the SD card. This would increase the life time of your SD card as you don’t have to much r/w operations. Usually HDD/SDD have more capacity as SD cards as well and their might be faster. Following your approach, you could create a Raid setup. For a Raid1 you would need 3 different disk at least. Probably a Raid0 would be sufficient. You could have a look to following guide on how to setup a raid using mdadm. Once done and the raid was created, you could move entire dietpi user data to that drive. This can be done easily using dietpi drive manager.

Best to my knowledge ncp-config is a config tool for NextCloudPi. This is a different application than NextCloud. It some sort of clone but dedicated to Raspberry Pi with some/other features. But don’t ask me for a comparison what the differences are :smiley:

Thank you so much for the help! You have answered all my question.

Backup to the NAS, do you have any advise?

Yes you can do a backup to a NAS. Best would be to use NFS able to preserve file system permission.


Yes if you just do a backup to same location. This will reduce runtime as you are going to sync changes only