Nextcloud and download problem

Hi everyone.

New DietPi user, bit of a Linux noob but I’m learning fast. DietPi has made so much accessible - really nice solution. Well done devs.

I have a 4GB Pi4 running DietPi 6.28 with NextCloud 18.03 on Nginx, SAMBA and some other utilities. Works really well out of the box, very pleased. I don’t store any files inside NextCloud per se, I use it an Internet facing Web portal for a QNAP NAS I have running on the same network. I’m using the External Storage feature in NextCloud to connect to an SMB share. That’s all connected and working fine. I can browse the share and see all its Files inside Nextcloud no problem. I regularly share files stored on this SMB share via NextCloud and this is where the problem lies.

I can share out any file for download without issue. The problem is with large files. Any file over 1GB in size literally only download the first 1GB and then stops. Any file under 1GB downloads fine, its just files over 1GB. The download stalls at exactly the 1GB mark. Its like I’m hitting a limit somewhere.

If I upload the same file into Nextcloud so that its stored in its Data directory the full file will download without issue so seems to be sharing files stored on an SMB source that’s the problem.

I can see someone else having exactly the same issue but without any resolution mentioned.

Anyone here have any ideas?


I was testing your scenario within a VM (4GB mem) and was able to download a 3.4GB file without issues.

my setup:

  1. VM 4GB Mem
  2. latest DietPi
  3. latest NextCloud 18
  4. Synology SMB Share connected directly inside NextCloud using external storage app
  5. download 3.4GB iso file

Thank you for your feedback.

Did you try this internally on your LAN or externally over the Internet? (I have the latter problem).

yep it’s working both ways. Internal within my home network as well as over the internet.
1.606 KB/s - 1,4 GB of 3,4 GB, 22 Min. left

It’s good that it can work but doesn’t work for me.

Any suggestions on where to look to troubleshoot?

I answered on the Nextcloud forum, let’s go on there, where we have a better fitting community I think. Must have to do with the samba server.

Thanks for your support MichaIng. I’ll follow the topic there.