Nextcloud access outside my LAN

Hi I am new with Dietpi.

I have an Odroid XU4, with a USB3.0 soft RAID box with a couples of 3T HDDS.

I installed last version of Dietpi and it works like a charm, Webmin, Transmission, Plex, Samba, and Nextcloud, but I have no access from outside my network and I need to link an external HD in my office. I woudl like to use different ports than 80 or 443, for Nextcloud access (Webmin I already got it done).

Is there a way to get access from a dyndns account using a different port than 80 or 443 to my Nextcloud?

P.S. I have been checking 14 pages of “Nextcloud” in this forum with no success…

Thanks in advance.

Easiest would be to solve this with router port forwarding IMO. So e.g. redirect 8080 and 8443 to 80 and 443 on your Nextcloud server and ports 80 and 443 either not or to the machine/ports you need it.

dyndns providers should not care about this. Those are just to resolve a fixed domain to your dynamic external IP, regardless of the ports.

Thanks for you assistance.

I’ll try this with ports of my choice.

Best regards.