Newby question about installing LXQT desktop

I have a pihole on a PiZero W with Dietpi and it works wonderfully. But I am wanting to put a desktop on this PiZero and am interested in LXQT. I’d also like to add either FireFox or Chromium for web browsing.

When I navigate to, I see all the great software I can have fun with. So I guess this is a question about installing any of these packages… how? I keep searching on how to install but keep hitting dead ends. Is it as easy as sudo apt-get (software) ??


many thanks for your request. Just go to dietpi-software, select the software title you like and magic happen :wink:

Probably you can have a look to our guide

Firefox is pre-installed with all desktops but Chromium can be installed as well and “firefox-esr” purged instead.

But don’t expect too much with RPi Zero, browser load times are not great, but Chromium at least has full GPU acceleration on RPi.