Newbie Question QBittorrent - Missing VIEW Menu on Web UI?

Hi was looking for lean distro for an SMB and DietPi seems to fit the bill. I wanted to set up an RSS feed in bittorent. qBittorent supports this but on the WebUI for the stock install of qBittorrent on DietPi there is no VIEW menu. I’ve set up the Samba client to by NAS and that’s all fine but the only menu I see on the GUI are

-Add torrent file…
-Add link to torrent…
-Exit qBittorrent
-Resume All
-Pause All
-Force recheck

I’ve looked under the submenu and can find no mension of RSS. The documentation suggests its an option under the View menu which I do not see on the web GUI. I’m using an image of DietPi from the main website downloaded today and the OrangePi is connected to the internet and it updated / patched itself before installing the qBittorrent using the build in installer in DietPi

Any ideas / suggestions welcome. I did not install a GUI as I wanted this as a headless server.

My screen looks like this and there is no View menu

Update its a know feature of qBittorrent as the X UI is NOT the same as the Web UI the later lacks some features such as RSS. I’ll remove qBittorrent and switch to transmission with one of the many RSS add ons for Transmission. Clearly not an issue with DietPi but an application level concern.

Thanks again for a great lean distro!