new (ver7) unbound config file


I have been able to install and configure Unbound under ver 6, with helps from @MichaIng and @Joulinar (

I have a modified this config file.

Now that ver 7 is released I find this in the release notes:
“DietPi-Software - Unbound
On new installs, by default access is now granted to all private IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges instead of to the subnet only, which includes VPNs, containers and cases of multiple local networks the server is attached to.”

I’d like these new modifications applied to my config file. The link for the default file in github is dead.
Can you please provide me with the default (ver7) config file so that I can adapt it?

Thanks in advance!

there you go

but it should be same file

Thank You.

Those entries were new:
access-control: ::/0 refuse
access-control: ::1/128 allow
access-control: fd00::/8 allow
access-control: fe80::/10 allow

Last question: when I update to ver 7 the new cron job to update to keep the root hints file updated is added during the update, right?

As far as I know, this happen during new installation and/or reinstallation only.


Can you please provide me with the manual steps for doing this?

Much appreciated!

echo -e '#!/bin/dash\n# Update Unbound root hints\ncurl -sSfL -o /var/lib/unbound/root.hints' > /etc/cron.monthly/dietpi-unbound
G_EXEC chmod +x /etc/cron.monthly/dietpi-unbound

Thank You!