New user

Hello i’m new and i don’t have much knowledge in Linux still now.
Is it possible to create new user with permission for some Folder? Because i want add a Folder in nextcloud and don’t want to use the admin user for mount the Folder in nextcloud.

Thanks in advance


yes you can manage your own users within DietPi as it is possible on all other Linux distributions. There are various tutorials available on the web like this one:

There it describe how to add user and groups using “adduser” command.

But if I’m not mistaken, you can manage nextcloud users and folders inside nextcloud software:

Jep take care to differentiate between software internal user management and UNIX users. Nextcloud has its own internal user management, hence users can be created, given or revoked admin privileges etc from within Nextcloud web UI. UNIX users are to login from console on boot or SSH client and those have nothing to do with Nextcloud users.

It makes sense to take care both, change passwords at least :wink:.