New user profile access

So I created a new user profile, deleted DietPi and disabled root for security.
Now none of the commands run correctly, the only way I can get them to run is to do /boot/dietpi/dietpi-

I already cp the contents of /root into my home directory but still when I login I don’t get the banner and have to use the full path to run the scripts.
Any ideas on how I can get this functionality back?

Did you add that user to the sudoers group? Especially before you blew out dietpi or disabled root login?

sudo usermod -aG sudo usernamehere

usually alias definition for DietPi scripts is done within /etc/bashrc.d/dietpi.bash. Therefore bash shell needs to be set explicitly for the user.

useradd -g dietpi -s /usr/bin/bash -m demo
passwd demo

Yes I can sudo all day, but it still looks nothing like the root login

Thank you my friend, this is the fix to the issue. Now everything works like expected.