New Dietpi on Odroid C1+ not working

Hello all,

after long time i want update my Odroid C1+ from old image i have from 30. ‎jan. ‎2017 with name : DietPi_v143_OdroidC1-armv7-(Jessie).

So i go to your website and download new image for Odroid C1 with name : DietPi_v6.22_OdroidC1-ARMv7-Stretch.img

Problem is anything i do , image will not boot.

… if i burn on SDcard old image everything working. HDMI show picture on monitor and i can work on installation. If i burn NEW image i am stuck on pink screen without any letters. I wait 1hour and nothing happened. i did process like 5times always some result.

… i download image from your website 2 times and compare size of images and it is OK.

… i try burn image on old etcher 1.4 and on new 1.5.52 … nothing change results new version of DietPI on C1+ NOT WORKING

… so i burn again old version on some SDcard and boot it, configure it and now waiting if anybody have solution how to get NEW image working as well.

from my point of view: HDMI is OK, SDCard is OK, burn with etcher 1.5.52 is also OK. What else can be bad i dont know :frowning:

now i am stuck on screen:

I have an odroid C1 and with the new release of dietpi I have the same error.

btw i try 2 different SDcards… some results= old image working , NEW not working :frowning:

Is there any way to download little bit older but working IMAGE of dietpi on Odroid C1 ?

I download this version, it’s work for me

can you check if new version is working? “DietPi_OdroidC1-ARMv7-Buster.img”

Is there any way how to contact somebody who is doing images and discuse this issue on Odroid C1 ? Forum not helping … :frowning:

I try whit this version but doesn’t work. In boot fase the screen is all black

Any new image for our box ?

maybe you can have a look to this post