Network saturation and no reboot

Hi all,

ODROID-HC4 with last dietpi, with tailscape and casaos installed via SSH, and several docker containers inside casaos (basically arr suite, syncthing and transmision)

Currently im facing 2 issues with my homelab, probably not related with dietpi, but not know where to ask neither how to start debuggin it.

First of all, i can’t reboot it, if i send the reboot command or try rebooting in the casaos menu, it halt and don’t reboot so i have to unplug and plug to reestart it.

The second problem is that when it is running, even with limited streaming to the minimum, my network is saturated and I have disconnections in the vpn at work, games, twitch streams, etc on other computers on the network… is there any way to limit the connections / speed of the machine in general (preferably scheduling it for a few hours and let it work at night at its best)?

Does it reboot when you execute the command from CLI?

For your second problem you can have a look into your router, some come with QoS and bandwidth limiting features.
You could also set the NIC speed of the Odroid to 10mbps instead of Gigabit.
A quick Google search led me also to:

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I believe you can go into the ARR stack and change up the times it does it’s hashing/checking of the content.

Also, check to see if CPU usage/RAM usage is spiking…

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I made it with the net saturation, it download all torrents at the same time, there is an option in transmision to limit this behaviour

About the reboots, i have the same results when i reboot from CLI, make a shutdown.

Yes, you can set the download speed (to limit global downloads speeds, and upload speeds to prevent it from saturating the network connection)

It has to be hard coded in a config file, because changing from the gui might not save the settings statically and will reset to default on reset of the program

It should be in a comparable location on DietPi

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Thanks, but that was not the problem for me.

If someone has the same issue, the problem was with the simultaneous downloads, i think it made so many connection (even without a lot of data down/uploading).