Network problem dietpi nanopi m3

have some problem with my nanopi m3
I am unable to connect to eth and also to wifi after first start
what are the right settings on my router to get it work?

That should work out of the box if you have DHCP enabled in your router.

Well this is what I also though -but DHCP is enabeld in my router
but one more strange thing. I was trying debian for nanopi m3 from github and have the same problem with eth

Is there a reason that you do not use DHCP?
If you prefer static IPs, you need to set it on the M3 via dietpi-config.

well I use DHCP and this is what I am shocked. Because DHCP is enabeld in my router and I use it but somehow I am unable to start internet on my nanopi M3 eith dietpi and debian for nanopi m3. what am I doing wrong? sorry I am not a IT profesionall. have not so much knowledge about the SBC

Did you test a different Ethernet cable? What does dietpi-config show if you look for the network setting.
What does ip a show?

Another helpful output:

journalctl -u ifup@eth0

Maybe some HW issue if plain Debian is not working as well?

I am using the M3 quite often, with different DietPi image releases and only had issues with the M3’s extremly power supply sensitivity.
Try a different power suplly as well as different Micro USB cables could help.

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