Network Audio

Hi all

Longtime user, firstime poster. Are there any straightforward methods to play audio from one dietpi device acting as a server (Rpi4 running mopidy among other services), to another dietpi device running as a client (Pi0 with USB audio).

I tried implementing snapcast, but it was a little beyond me in terms of configuration. And as far as I can tell, shairport is just for receiving, I didn’t see any options to cast from my dietpi mopidy server via airplay protocol.

Am I missing something? Has anyone else attempted this? Cheers.

Plex server = server (headless or not [headless will use less resources])

Plexamp = client (plexamp can be on almost any network device and work fawlessly

done and done :slight_smile:

Yup indeed Plex would be a good solution.

Thanks guys. Two follow ups:

  1. Will I be able to use my mopidy extensions thru Plex?
  2. Can I install plexamp via DietPi, or will I need to install and configure manually?

Cheers for your time! :slight_smile: