needs for cups

Hello, I hope to use DietPi for a printer server.
I have 3 printers. I wond if I could connect printers to raspberrpi, and the raspberrypi connect to router via WiFi.
Although there is a software named cloud printer for DietPi, but unfortunately most people cann’t access google in my country.

You will get cups from this website.

I have imagined how would the printer server work.
Once any printer connected to raspi by USB, DietPi will install drivers automatically.
And then, DietPi will share the print to local network by Samba with workgroup.
Then, user can find the printer in local network by the Windows operation system like windows 7.

Sorry for my bad English. Hope you can understand.

If you installed Cloudprint, you installed Cups sucessfully.
Adding your own printer should be really easy, if not try posting in General Discussion :wink:

I tried to install cloudprinter, and succeed in this time.
There are two more questions:

  1. besides cups, did cloudprit install any other software?
  2. is there any posible that cloudprint launch printers automatically?
  1. As far as i know and read, the Item menu “Cloudprint” installs Cups WITH support for google cloud print, so you don’t have to fidget this yourself. Other installed things may be required packages to run all of it. And of curse the Cups Webinterface.

  2. Did you mean the CloudPrint in DietPi or from Google?
    DietPi : Your printer is “automatically” seen it it’s supported in the linux kernel. If not you have to give Cups the driver over the Webinterface.
    Google: Cloudprint is only sctivated if you authenticate yout device/service with google, otherwise there will be no use of this cloud service and no connection to google.