need : uart0,1,2+PCF8563+Waveshare Touchscreen etc.

I am sitting here on a little project for an ODROID C4 : a kiosk style computer but with absolutely no internet.
My requirements to the OS :

  • tiny, fast OS with no need of Internet or any network at all and absolutely no need of updates. Must boot very fast and be tiny.
  • Needs easily to fit on a 8GB eemc memory.
  • will auto-run a GUI interface with one single application/single user on a touchscreen (Waveshare, 1024x600 resolution) 99.9% of all the time.
  • needs three high speed serial lines on the 40 pin header , uart0, uart1, uart2
  • additionally, absolutely needs the real time clock PCF8563 on any i2c

I started on the Odroid C4 with the supported “ubuntu 20 minimal image” but this was a mistake, it grew huge just by adding the GUI.
And it did not include the PCF8563 kernel module ; I tried to compile it but it somehow failed.
Now I have to restart all over and do the same work again.
The GUI I’d like to autostart would be “openbox”, but if you have a similar tiny GUI that won’t mess up with the touchscreen or the full-screen application, I have no objection. Basically all I need are the 3 UART’s on the 40 pin header and one i2c for the realtime clock. Additionally some user defined lines for the power switch - one input line that waits for the power switch, another output line that goes high when the input line was activated.

Does DietPi support all the hardware I need (Touch screen, 3 uarts, hardware clock) ? Can it autostart one single GUI program?
Please help me a little bit how to get the proper kernel modules for UART and hardware clock. Thanks!


it might be better to ping user meveric inside the Odroid Forum. Basiclly DietPi for Odroid is based on his image and he is providing the kernel as well.

Welll, there is a problem with your approach - user “meverick” does not have an Odroid c4.
BTW, I also need a PCF8563 RTC clock…
So, nobody has done this, here, before? That can’t be…

at the time of posting, meveric was the developer for all our Odroid images. :wink: