NanoPi R5x/R6x support status and outlook?

First of all I am really happy with every release note mentioning NanoPi SBCs, especially R5 and R6 with all their variants.

Some while ago I mentioned those topics CGroup cannot be set to v1, AppArmor not active, required for Home Assistant that may or may not be possible to solve due to the nature of the NanoPi boards and their inaccessible kernel cmdline on R5S/R6S as the config is flashed in raw format to one of these partitions 1-6 which cannot be mounted (no filesystem).

Taking a step back my question is more general: What is currently the support status, what is planned, what is not planned? What are the areas where support is already done or in progress? What are the areas that are unlikely to be done due to the nature / restrictions of the hardware?

We don’t have a development roadmap for individual SBC. Therefore there is nothing to share. There is no dedicated development done. If we see things, we try to add them if possible. Usually no ETA we can share in specific things.