NanoPi Neo - USB DAC is not working.

The USB DAC is not recognized after updating the device from v146 to v150. It is normally recognized by other PCs.

It seems that the NanoPi NEO does not recognize USB connection.

Please, Could you help me? Thanks in advance.


If this was working in v146, it may be ARMbian has updated the kernel (via apt) which is causing this to fail. We havn’t changed anything specific for NanoPi Neo that would effect USB functionality in DietPi.

Can you list kernel version? I’ll try to test and confirm:

uname -a

Here it is!

root@DietPi:~# uname -a
Linux DietPi 4.10.0-sun8i #3 SMP Thu Feb 23 19:57:03 CET 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux


This is the “No Release” image with 4.x dev kernel. Have you tried the 3.x image (stable) and this DAC?

Either way, lets check some info. Please can you paste results of following, on your current installation with USB DAC attached:

dmesg | grep usb