I’d like to request a DietPi release for the NanoPi NEO Plus2. I also have the little NanoPi NEO – the DietPi image works very well on that board. It would be awesome if I could have DietPi up and running on both! Thanks.

Me too, would like to request a Dietpi version for the Nanopi Neo Plus2. Preferably based on a legacy kernel because of better (USB) audio support with no dropouts when using the ethernet port and the usb audio device simultaneously… Please also enable the use of 32 bit programs on the 64 bit environment. Thanks in advance.

Sorry for being a first time poster with a request, but I would wholeheartedly love using DietPi on this device. I plan on sticking around and helping a few people out in return.

Currently am utilizing DietPi on an RPi3B, and thoroughly enjoy it.

I wonder if a donation will persuade this to happen? lol

Yes, it will.

Or better buy a device and send it to Fourdee and you will see the magic … :wink:

It’s up to you.


I share your interest in the NEO PLUS2 and smooth, dropout free, well synchronized playback from network to audio DAC under linux. Can you point me to more information on this issue? I would like to get a handle on the root causes in order to assess viability of achieving my goal and how I might assess progress on addressing this issue.


I am wondering if there will be support for NanoPi NEO PLUS2 in the upcoming first release in 2018? Assuming it is, and since it hasn’t been here before will it be beta? I am using both the PLUS2 and NEO 2 and would prefer a common base os for them.

Initially, this looks like a good foundation on which I can build - assuming platforms I want to use are adequately supported. If that proves out, I will happily provide modest support. I can’t afford much and of course can’t afford to fund stuff that doesn’t help me reach my goals, but certainly can’t afford not to help fund that which does!


The NanoPi NEO Plus2 seems to be a nice little board. It would be wonderful to have DietPi working on that :stuck_out_tongue: DietPi is cool!!!