NanoPi M2 - DietPi not booting

Dear all,

first - I use Diet a very long time and using it to power my Raspberry Pi Zero - Managing all my Homebridgedevices :sunglasses:

I ordered a NanoPi M2 board (cause it has 4 cpus and the price was so good…

But now I even can’t get this little sbc booting…

I have no clue what I’m doing wrong…

I downloaded the 7z.image

Then used balenaEtcher to write to sd-card

then I power on and no blinking blue led :thinking:

Can anyone give me an advice???

And I can’t find the new beta image 8.4 for the M2 as well

Thank you very much for any advice
Please be patient with me :sunglasses:

It seems that there is no s5p4418-nanopi2-rev05.dtb
on the boot partition in the bullseye image.