Nanopi M-4

I have a new nanopi m-4 on the way. Any image coming soon to this board?

Me too. Wondering if any of the other ‘M’ series nano distros will work?

The M-3 distro will not boot from the sd card. I don’t have the emmc module to test the NanoPC T4 image :frowning:

The NEO4, M4 and T4 are all pretty much variants on the same hardware. What I did for my NEO4 was to flash with the latest Armbian image and then use the DietPi prep script to build the system from there. A word of caution though as I had to use the DEV branch of the prep script to get a working image.

Another M4 incoming…

I have a new Nanopi M4, any update on an install Image or do i have to use the instruction on this posts ?


Jep, for now, go with e.g. the ARMbian image (or any other official or 3rd party Debian-based image) and use our preparation script to turn it into DietPi:

Is this one going to have GPU features working (if done by the script OR if we get a proper image)? This board looks great value and power and would be great for DietPi and also to use as a base for RetroPie.

If I see DietPi on it, then I will probably order 2-3 boards…

This depends on the base image. E.g. ARMbian states to have GPU acceleration:

Just for reference I link the GitHub request here:

Any movement on this? I really want to buy a few of these boards and run dietpi if it’s fully supported.

I will setup a qemu-chroot environment soon and try to create a testing image by this. I should be able to do this until end of the week, have to see how much adjustment to DietPi-PREP is required to allow it running inside a chroot environment.

Just installed nanopi on second microsd card, with the NANOPCT4 installation script on my NANOPI M4.

Used Armbian 5.91 buster image and the installerscript

Now i gone test if all works.

I keep you informed.

Wifi network is in the air, but i get an error when enabling the hotspot:

Can connect but no internet.

No working leases in persistent database - sleeping.
iptables-restore v1.8.2 (nf_tables):
line 3: CHAIN_UPDATE failed (No such file or directory): chain PREROUTING
line 4: CHAIN_UPDATE failed (No such file or directory): chain INPUT
line 5: CHAIN_UPDATE failed (No such file or directory): chain POSTROUTING
line 6: CHAIN_UPDATE failed (No such file or directory): chain OUTPUT
ifup: failed to bring up wlan0

Any idea someone?

For the rest the system works better than before with the NANOPI T4 image script, only the sound and wifi keeps me busy. No solution yet found for the sound, or it is with an external usb dongle. Wifi there a think.

Greeting :smiley: