Nanopi Fire3 - Friendly Elec

I tryed Diatpi on this board and the U-boot stopped to work at the boot time. Only the first raw was shown.


many thanks for your message. Usually image should be working. Maybe developer MichaIng could have a look.

Hi, thanks for the reply. It runs only the own linux image as attached. I tryed also Armbian. I like the way to preconfig in a TXT file. It is great for who want to configure a cluster. In the cluster machines there are often the same SCB repeatly some times, so you can create a multiple image with only some variations that can placed in a config.txt. This is my theory. Then both Dietpi and Armbian are unable to boot the Nanopi Fire3. So I abandoned.

as said, something the developer would need to look into.

Can you please try to connect via SSH?

There was a bug as TTY1 was disabled on Fire3:
I removed the workaround since it didn’t apply anymore on the newer images and was not required on one of our contributors board:

If indeed the board actually does boot, you can try to apply this workaround. Switch to TTY2 (should be F2 key on the keyboard), then e.g. via SSH:

echo -e '#!/bin/dash\chvt 2' /var/lib/dietpi/postboot.d/fire3_tty2 # to switch to TTY2 automatically at end of boot
systemctl enable --now getty@tty2 # to enable the login mask on TTY2

Hi, thanks for the replies.