NanoHat OLED

I’m using a NanoHat OLED with a NanoPi Neo 2 and I can’t get the install package to run after using the instruction from FriendlyArm:

git clone >
cd NanoHatOLED
sudo -H ./

Has anyone been successful in getting this to work?
Better yet, can this be added as an option for the NanoPi platform so it shows up as an option for the LCD panel in dietpi-config?

I found a tutorial by Phillski that shows how to enable the NanaoHat which is excellent:

I would still love if this was baked into or an installer option for DietPi.

Thanks for linking the solution which reminds me about this topic as well. Yeah basically too much other things to do, but it’s on the list somewhere :wink:.

Make sure you grab the updated script for the display without it you’ll get some nasty screen burn in about a month (plus I love having the DietPi logo on startup).

I did get the updated script which was a great idea.
Thanks for making the tutorial as I has having a devil of a time trying to get the NanoHat working.