Name of the Image

Hello everybody,

I use Dietpi for my Pi2b. I will get my Pi4 in somedays . I have download the image for preparing my SD Card. The name of the file include ARM V6. Is Dietpi only for ARM V6 ? This irritates me.

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Yeah that is a bid confusing I bet. RPi1 and Zero are the only ARMv6 ones, however the image + Raspbian itself are ARMv6 compatible. Later RPi2, RPi3 and RPi4 all have ARMv8 CPUs:
But Raspbian (x32 only) talks to them as ARMv7 to stay compatible with all models.

  • Lol I just recognise that I own the only real ARMv7 RPi: RPi2 PCB1.1

Long story short, the image will compatible with all RPi models, take the ARMv6 as sort of minimal requirement.

But now about RPi4, this requires a new firmware tree that is present on the fresh Raspbian images only. Furthermore these are only available as Buster version. We created a first testing image but it needs some fine tuning from both sides, Raspbian itself (respectively the RPi foundation devs) and DietPi:
It runs and has initial RPi4 support/recognition for DietPi scripts, but some features (e.g. dual HDMI port) need to be implemented first, expected with DietPi v6.26.