NAA issue / Auralic Vega DAC

Hi everyone! I’m using the x64 NAA image from the signalyst website and it works great with my Auralic Vega DAC. However, I would like to add Spotify to my main system and so I figured I would try DietPi (with a Pi 3 B) which combines NAA and Raspotify in one image. However, I find that with DietPi, I am unable to get HQPlayer to output DSD and can only output PCM. This was possible with the x64 NAA image. Would anyone know how I might fix this? The Vega uses the XMOS USB chip. Thank you.

Hi, as an update, it appears support for this DAC needs to be enabled in the kernel. Is there an approprate place for me to make this request? Thank you. Hammer

Hi, the developer of NAA has offered to provide the needed files for the DSD support on this DAC. Would it be possible to integrate into DietPi? Please see

Thank you!