N2+ compatibility?

Hi everyone,

So I just got my N2+ today, flashed DietPi and booted it up. Upgraded firmware which failed at first but then I pressed “re-run command” and it worked. Now everything seems to be working fine. But in the Performance Options and CPU scaling the max shows 1.8ghz which should be 2.4 right? Does this mean that the build doesn’t recognize the N2+ but as a regular N2?



many thanks for your request. Maybe both boards are using same hardware identifier ? I guess MichaIng would need to have a look.

That’s a possibility. It does say Odroid N2 at the top in dietpi-launcher. Is there any more info I can provide?

MichaIng will come back to you as soon as he has time, to let you know what information is needed.

We use the Odroid repository by Meveric for kernel packages. Updating those to be compatible with Odroid N2+ (i.e. applying the higher clock rate + probably other N2±only features) is outstanding but on the way: https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?p=301958#p301958

Basically one could check for a kernel package update from time to time: https://dietpi.com/meveric/pool/n2/l/linux-image-arm64-odroid-n2/
Then run:

apt update
apt full-upgrade