MuPiBox - Touch Play Enjoy [Spotify / offline Musik / Streams]


we have released the MuPiBox [Music Pi Box] based on DietPi OS. I really love DietPi and we made an automatic installer that works like a charm.

Feel free to visit and install MuPiBox, it is Open Source.

Here are some features:

  • Music player for every age
    simple controll (no shell is necessary!)
    Update function
    Spotify - Album, Playlists (Premium-Account)
    Local music - MP3, Flac, WAV, WMA
    Generates Playlists easily
    Streams / Radio
    Simple administration on display
    Expanded Administration in Webinterface
    Easy Installation
    Automatic Poweroff
    Resume function
    Text to Speech (Google TTS)
    Clean desktop
    Automativ Offline / Online Change
    Shows Cover
    Adding Wifi Hotspots without extra device
    3D Template

Here are some pictures of the first build boxes and a lot of Screenshots:

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