Mumble [Murmur] Server SuperUser Error

I am unable to login as a SuperUser to properly setup rooms etc on my server. I can login as a registered user just fine. Can only create temporary rooms etc. which disappear as soon as I move or log off.

Password to join server.

# Password to join server.

I only get the error if I try to login as a SuperUser. If I dont want any channels this works fine. However I want customized channels similar to my TS3.

What am I missing?


I hope you found an answer till now, if not i’m happy to help.
Please bear with me considered that english is not my native language.

You need to configure the SuperUser password in the first place.
So if you got murmur running, go and kill it with

killall murmurd

then set a password with this command (without the {} of course

murmurd -ini /etc/mumble-server.ini -supw {yourPW}

Your server is NOT running after this command!
When this is done you can start your server again with the command


Now comes the “simple” configuration of the admin users best described here

My test setup was working with this, i hope this helps someone :wink:

BINGO! That’s all it took. Oddly enough, I didn’t have this issue with the Raspberry Pi3. Only with the XU4 using DietPi. But it most definitely works now. This goes in with my personal directions for setup if I ever need to reimage/rebuild.


Legend, many thanks for resolving this lucasmenno :slight_smile:

I’ll get this added to the default setup procedure in v155.