MQTT isn't working.

Running V150 on Pi Zero W. Seems to boot properly. It shows [OK] Mosquitto. I opened up two terminal sessions.

In one side, I put:
root@DPNZ1:~# sudo /etc/init.d/mosquitto start
[ ok ] Starting mosquitto (via systemctl): mosquitto.service.
root@DPNZ1:~# mosquitto_pub -d -t hello/world -m “Hello from Terminal window 2!”

In the other side, I put the following, and got the subsequent error messages:
root@DPNZ1:~# mosquitto_sub -d -t hello/world
Client mosqsub/3320-DPNZ1 sending CONNECT
Client mosqsub/3320-DPNZ1 received CONNACK
Connection Refused: not authorised.

Any thoughts about how I get Mosquitto to work?


Thanks for the report.

I’ve not personally had any dealings with MQTT (minus the install we provide). I’ll run some tests here and see if we can replicate/resolve:


Take a look here regarding setting a password for MQTT: