Moving to new Dietpi installation

Hi ! I have a question,

I have existing Dietpi installed into Pi3 with userdata set into external drive.

I have a fresh install into a Pi4 can I mount this drive to same mounting point (than Pi3) then set dietpi userdata to this drive without losing existing data/repertories ?



many thanks for your message. Did you tried to move SD card as well as HDD from RPi3 to RPi4? This could save your time and avoid re-installation of all software title you have available on your RPi3

Hi Joulinar,

I’ve already yet setup all into the new Pi, next step is mounting this external drive with existing folders. I’m just scared by doing something wrong.

I think I will move dietpi_userdata to dietpi_userdata_bak into the drive before :slight_smile:


it’s always recommended to do backup of your important data before changing main parts of the configuration. As well try to stop all services using dietpi-service stop before moving user data directory.