Moving from RPi 4 to HP mini pc -backup/restore?


I have a bunch of software installed/running on my RPi4, and I think the RPi4 just doesn’t have enough resources for it. With that said, I picked up an older HP mini pc, that has an i5, 8gb of ram, and a 500gb ssd. I’ve installed dietpi on the HP mini pc, and done a backup of the RPi4.

Is there a way to restore everything from the RPi4 to the HP mini pc? I know you can’t do an image copy, but things like software, their permissions, and vpn/firewall settings.

Thank you!


you are not able to perform a simple backup/restore from your RPi to an Intel based system. Both systems running complete different chip architecture. Means, you would need to install all required software title again. What might gonna work, is to copy config files. But this would be a manual activity. Located required files yourself and copy them one by one.

Darn, I was hoping that there was some “profile and software” backup option. Thank you for your reply!