Moving Dietpi SBC to another network?

Hey guys,

It might be a weird or easy question. But which are the steps I should perform when moving my SBC with Dietpi to a different location?
If I plug the SBC to another router, I will probably get a different IP address (maybe not even in the 192.168.X.X range where it currently is), other than the one I’m currently using every day.

After login into the new router’s admin panel and getting the IP address from there to connect to my Dietpi via SSH again, should I do anything before or after connecting the SBC to the new router?

I was thinking of switching from Static to DCHP in Dietpi network config before connecting to the new router? But I’m not sure if that would be okay.

Thanks as usual.


yes switching to DHCP would be the way to go to ensure correct IP address assignment inside the new network.