Moving DietPi / Restore on new machine

I have now an Raspberry Pi 3B+ and if I would like to move from RPi3 to some… for example… Odroid device, how can I backup & restore my DietPi software and config?

If this is possible in general, for what do I have to look for if I buy a new device? I guess at least the same processor architecture?

I haven’t tried DietPi Backup software, but I guess it’s meant for backing up and restoring on the same device, if DietPi is not working properly anymore, right?

You can’t backup on one set of hardware and restore on another, you need to start afresh.

If you have text based config files, such as for samba, apache2 etc you can copy them to the new machine.


Jep, only between RPi2 and RPi3 SDcards can be safely swapped. When having an RPi Buster image already, you can as well swap to RPi4 (or restore a backup) but e.g. Odroids and other SBCs always require a new image with a different set of binaries, kernel, bootloader, firmware etc.

Best practice is to install to new device freshly, install required software freshly, then plug a copy/clone of the old system and copy over single data and settings files to the new system, where required, but no binaries.