Move Firefox installation to ssd

Hi, totally noob question.

I use a lot firefox on the odroid HC4 and the performance is very slow, and I also see it makes a lot of writing to the SD, I have move user data to the SSD with dietpi-drive_manager, and I was wondering if I can move manually firefox to the SSD to make the writing to the SSD instead the SD to not broke it.

Thank you!

You could move it and make a symlink to the original path, so the system still “thinks” the binary is still at the original place while it is on the SSD.
If you just move it you have to care about more stuff which is not worth the hassle, IMO.

It you know the directories that are heavily written, you could move/link them. Or if supported by your device, boot the whole system from SSD directly.

Ok, will try searching first before and doing a backup


Thank you it worked perfect.

I put the commands if it helps to someone else.

mv /usr/lib/firefox-esr /mnt/ssd/firefox
ln -s /mnt/ssd/firefox /usr/lib/firefox-esr

We need to move the profile too.

mv /diepti/.mozilla /mnt/ssd/firefox/mozilla
ln -s /mnt/ssd/firefox/mozilla /diepti/.mozilla

Then on the profile folder .mozilla on profile.ini you have to change:
and the path of the profile

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