Move file to external hard drive - owncloud

Hello all!
I want to explain my problem.
I’ve setted up all the owncloud system, but it’s saving on the local SD card. :roll_eyes:
I’ve also connected a USB HDD, and is recognized, formatted in ext4 and so on…
How i can move just the already uploaded files to this hard drive, without losing the configuration ( shared files, folders and so on)?
I don’t want to move the setup of the cloud from the SD card, just the uploaded files and their related config.
This why i would like to save all the stuff, outside the SD card and on the drive, also in the future.
I hope to have been clear, for any mistake or lost info, let me know!
Thanks for the support!
Best Regards


I would recommend to move your dietpi user data to the external device. This can be done on drive manager.

Thanks Joulinar ,
I was thinking about it but, once I’ve done it, the used storage remains to 0, instead, the used space on the SD are wins the same :thinking:
Do you have an idea of why?
Exactly, what is contained onto the user data?

usually it contain all owncloud data located at /mnt/dietpi_userdata/owncloud_data/. And if you moved user data directory using drive manager, the entire folder should have been moved to the external device and a symlink was created inside /mnt pointing to the external device.

I’ve done it…But now I’m not able to see nothing more and the server return status599 to the application…
But if I put everything back on the SD card, is working properly again :thinking:

I’ve had a deeper look to the files.
Also the log file is included in the user data folder.
Since I use fail2ban as a security system, and the system iteself points to the log file of ownCloud to check wrong login attempts, if I move all the folder, I’m making the system no more working and every thing got stuck…
I need to find a way to change the log file path to fail2ban :thinking:

This should not be an issue. Your user data directory has a symlink to the new location. Means the old file location is still valid :wink:

pls check if all services up and running.

dietpi-services status