Move Dietpi / Pi to Proxmox VM or LXC

Hi Dietpi Community,

I have a currently Dietpi running on a Raspberry Pi 3 on 64GB SD card and I want to move in best case the entire Dietpi installation from the SD card to a Proxmox VM or even better a LXC container.

Can you recommend me a way to this move from RPI to Proxmox VM or LXC efficiently?

I was checking here in the forum for the various topics, like using the Dietpi backup functionality or install dietpi in Proxmox. But nothing really fitting. If it was already discussed, I am happy if you will redirect me or simply answer my question :smiley:

The details I will figure out, it is more to get a starting point.

Thank you in advance,

There is actually no way to migrate your existing RPI system to Proxmox. This is due to the different architecture ARM vs x86. Therefore, backup / restore does not work. The best you can do is to install a new system on Proxmox and then migrate some configuration files manually.

Thank you for your reply Joulinar.

I found a tutorial on github (2nd hit on Google) to run a arm64 Vm on proxmox. However the Performance is not great.
I love Dietpi, because it is all automated. When I now start to manually migrate configurations and I mess something up, I already seeing myself doing hours of research on stackoverflow - trying to fix it. I guess it will be the better idea to simply reinstall all software.

Thread can be closed :+1:

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Theoretically it’s even possible to have Proxmox running on top of RPI 4. The project is call Pimox.

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Theoretically it’s even possible to have Proxmox running on top of RPI 4. The project is call Pimox.

Can confirm it works…but unfortunately due to restricted hw resourses a SBC is kinda limited

It does work…it will run LXC containers, but a baremetal install of DietPi w/ docker will run smoother and more efficiently

With that said the x86 version of DietPi WILL run efficiently in a PROXMOX VM on 64bit hardware
such as my HP Compaq Elite 8300 SFF that I splurged and put an I7-3770 in w/32gb RAM and an icydock 5.25"->4x2.25" bay all for about $200~
Sure ain’t a powerhouse…but it walks circles around my RPi4b w/ 8gb RAM