Move dietpi install to larger SD card.

I have dietpi setup on a 32gb card and want to upgrade to 256.\

I see people saying to use windisk imager to make an image of the disk. But windows sees the drive as two partitions, so when I go to create the image I can only select e or f.

I am using an Odroid Xu4. Curious if this could be accomplished by putting the new sd card in an sd card reader and putting it into the usb slot on the odroid it through dietpi. I don’t want to move the userdata but replace the original sd card entirely.

Or should I just back up dietpi, burn a clean image on the new card and then restore the backup to the new card?

Edit: I guess it is good to try things first, didn’t have all my stuff so didn’t fully go through with it. Even though I could only select one partition looks like it flashed properly. Didn’t get a chance to boot yet but looks promising.


Usually it should work as described on this tutorial.

I saw that. But like I said above win32 disk imager (and windows itself sees the two partitions on the drive and you can only make an image of one. Unless it just appears that way but it will do it correctly? In the program I can only select one partition at a time to make the image of.

Also not exactly sure what this means from the guide

3. Copy over the system files:

What system files exactly and to where? Wouldn’t they get formatted on the ssd anyways?

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For me it’s not clear, what you really want:

  • substitute your 32GB sdcard by a 256 GB sdcard or

  • substitute your 32GB sdcard by a 256 GB SSD

These are different tasks and need different steps to achieve your goal.

it’s nearly the same. Create an image of your SD card using W32 disk imager and flash the image to the new device.

As far as I remember W32 disk image will create an image of the entire SD

That’s wrong.

In the first case you don’t change the boot device, in the second case you change the boot device (going from /dev/mmcX to /dev/sdX). Therefore the second case needs additional steps.

For some reason I couldn’t boot from the image I made of my existing drive. I decided just to start fresh and do a clean install. Only had a couple apps setup. Thanks for the help folks.