Mounting NFS does no longer work


I updated my dietpi to v6.11 yesterday (skipped 6.10).
When I try to mound my NAS which worked properly with v6.9 I get the following error message:

mount.nfs: Protocol not supported

The following package is installed:
nfs-common/stable,now 1:1.3.4-2.1 armhf [installiert]

The /etc/fstab looks like this:

NAS mount ------------------------------------------------------- /mnt/nas nfs defaults,noatime,nolock 0 0

Any idea why I am no longer able to mount my NAS share?

Bests regards,

Jep known issue and fixed with v6.12 (release tonight).

To fix now, do apt install netbase. At least that worked for me. Feedback if it solves for everyone is still outstanding :sunglasses:.

For reference:

Thanks for your fast reply.
So I will wait until tomorrow for the next release.