Mount NFS drive portainer

I guess I’m getting confused by all the layers in my setup, hopefully someone can help me figure this out.

Ok, so I’m running docker and portainer on a dietpi thats running in a VM and I’m trying to mount my NFS drive that’s on another server to a volume in Docker through portainer.

This is the volume setting in portainer:

This is the volume mount for the container:

And this is the error I’m getting when trying to deploy the container:

I’m pretty sure the error is due to the way portainer thinks that share is mounted here [img][/img ]or that it’s fails to mount it.

Should I mount the NFS drive in dietpi first maybe? and then reference the container to the local folder where the share is mounted?

I guess creating the volume, you would need to specify the NFS share export and not the mount point on your local DietPi system. The naming is a little bit misleading. Means, Mount Point is incorrect.

Thanks! /mnt/3TB was actually the mount point on the NFS server. The issue was that I didn’t install nfs-utils, or nfs-common on the host (never actually mounted the drive in dietpi when I wrote my first post, just thought that I maybe could use that as a workaround).
Tried readding the share after I made sure that the host had nfs-common installed, and I can now access the share in the container.

hehe, something even stated on your first picture. Good you solved it that way.

I know, right? I always keep forgetting that I’m an idiot :rofl: :rofl: