Mount FTP drive

Hello everyone, and thank you for the great work

I am trying to setup DietPi-Sync with an FTP drive.

When I select the source from DietPi-Sync, there is an option for a FTP client source, but it is not mounted.
I select this option to setup the FTP client
This takes me to DietPi-Config, which then transfers me to DietPi-Drive_Manager
In Drive_Manager, I select Add network drive
And there, I only have the option to select a Samba or a NFS file share

I am pretty sure that the FTP file share existed at some point.
Has the option been removed, or am I missing something ?

Thanks for your help

+1 with the same question.
Please advice where is now FTP_client mount option.

Doing some digging around found curlftps

If I remember right, we removed that some time ago for security reasons. However I think we at least should enable an alternative for non-local network file transfer, e.g. SFTP and/or SCP

The curltmpfs link works well and this also was the method we used in the past.