MotionEye - saving to Samba share

I’ve installed DP on an RPi 3B and installed MotionEye from dietpi-software. It’s working well, but the one thing missing is the option to use a remote SMB share for storage. This is available under MotionEyeOS, so I wonder if I’m missing something. I installed the SMB client software on the Pi, but I did this after installing MotionEye, hoping it would fix the problem. So I’m wondering if I now have to re-install MotionEye, or whether this option simply isn’t available on the DietPi version.

Okay, nevermind. I’ve realised I can mount the samba share using dietpi-drive_manager and then use that mount point in the MotionEye settings, so I’m good to go now.

You can also add a SMB share to /etc/fstab…but using the dietpi-Drive_Manager its part of a script that ensures it gets made

Also found one that says CIFS might help a linux machine talk to a windows machine better

Jep, CIFS is basically SMB, to be true an enhanced implementation, but most commonly used. See the fstab entry after adding the mount via drive_manager or within your link :wink:.