MotionEye not working on RPi3 (DPi 6.7)

Hello everyone, I am having an issue accessing MotionEye. I installed it on RPi 3 running DPi 6.7. The installation went well and I believe it installed correctly, but I am not 100% sure because I did everything on Putty.

When I try to access the ip of DPi with port 8765, I get “This site can’t be reached” on the browser. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s Everything works, Octoprint and Home Assistant works perfectly but not MotionEye.

have you done a ps -A to see if it’s actually running, then seen if there are errors in /var/log if it’s not?

Thanks for your reply. The weird thing is, I erased the sd card and reinstalled DietPi and then installed MotionEye and then Home Assistant and Octoprint. Now everything works! Before it was Octoprint and HomeAssistant and then installed MotionEye and it didn’t work. I wonder if MotionEye changes any structures.

I’m starting to wonder the same thing. I have had my server up and running for a couple weeks without issue with Octoprint, OwnCloud & NetStat. This afternoon I went to install MotionEye and everything appeared to work as expected - install was successful, Pi rebooted upon completion. However, I can’t find the Motion process when I run “ps -A” but DietPi-Software does say it’s installed.

I also have access to /user/bin/motion :thinking:

Going to keep sifting through the logs to see if I can find anything illuminating.

edit /etc/motioneye/ is just an empty dir

edit 2 Looks like the point of failure happens at line L6127, the pip install motioneye cmd.

Was able to solve my problem! As I mentioned in my previous post, the dietpi-software bash script couldn’t find a pip executable in the $PATH.

The solution was to run sudo easy_install pip. Still curious as to why pip wasn’t available in the scripts $PATH but for the time being this seems to work :slight_smile:

Ah…mainly because they changed the howto on to run octoprint on non-octopi images

cd ~
sudo apt update
sudo apt install python-pip python-dev python-setuptools python-virtualenv git libyaml-dev build-essential
mkdir OctoPrint && cd OctoPrint
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate > <-add source for pip
pip install pip --upgrade
pip install >

with that said…I am not 100% sure how dietpi installs octoprint in the package, or what user/permissions it’s installed under

The setups are slightly different in that OctoPrint setup uses python where as MotionEye uses pip. Another difference is OctoPrint uses the G_THREAD_WAIT function inside the installer before referencing python.



G_AGI python python-dev libjpeg-dev

mv OctoPrint* $G_FP_DIETPI_USERDATA/octoprint
cd $G_FP_DIETPI_USERDATA/octoprint

G_DIETPI-NOTIFY 2 ‘OctoPrint is now installing, please be patient and do not terminate this process, it may take some time…’
G_RUN_CMD python install

cd $HOME

OctoPrint Install Cmds


#url/redireect always fails wget spider test…

- Prereqs

G_AGI v4l-utils python python-dev curl libssl-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libjpeg-dev zlib1g-dev libx264-142 libavcodec56 libavformat56 libmysqlclient18 libswscale3 libpq5

- Motion

wget “$INSTALL_URL_ADDRESS” -O package.deb
dpkg -i package.deb
rm package.deb

- Motioneye

pip install motioneye

MotionEye Install Cmds

Not sure, If I need to rebuild this server at some point I’ll try to do some debugging then ¯_(ツ)_/¯